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Andrew Scheck
Feb 23, 2021
In RMBS Forum
Hello! I am new here and relatively new to bonsai as well (had one a long time ago and it did not fare well). I just picked up a little juniper (pretty sure its a Procumbens Nana) from the local garden center and had some questions. It's planted in regular old potting soil so I know that has to go, what are peoples suggestions for good and easy to obtain mixes? Also I know it needs to be outside or it will meet a similar fate to my bonsai of long ago. But, I'm pretty sure it was kept inside at the heated and humid nursery, will it shock it to move it outside right now? I live in Boulder and it's staring to warm up again here but it has still been getting down to ~20 some nights. Additionally if I do move it outside should I wait to replant and hope the soil issue will be ok with just some careful management, and give it time to reacclimate? It also gets very windy here, I know its supposed to be a tree and all but will the harsh winds hurt it? I know some people keep their bonsai in their garage, but I'm guessing this plant isn't dormant since it was in the heated nursery, and I don't want to start depriving it of sun all the sudden. Any help is appreciated thanks!
Andrew Scheck
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