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Educational Material


Basic Repotting for Bonsai: This document is a great foundation for reviewing this essential skill for all bonsai cultivation. Thanks to Tom Anglewicz 

Container Selection: Selection of the correct container can elevate your bonsai composition to a higher level. Thanks to Tom Anglewicz

Nursery Stock Evaluation: A great article to review before you head to your local nursery to find your next treasure! Thanks to Andy Berry

Foundations of Design: Learn to apply design concepts to your bonsai art. Thanks to Dave Regan

Bonsai Species for Beginners: David McPeters thoughts on how to get started with species that set you up for success!

Soil  Basics: A primer on bonsai soil with the intent of providing a knowledge foundation for success


Heat Bed Construction: A next-level technique to boost your success with early season repotting and care for collected material

Pine Cultivation and Refinement: Cultivation of refined pine bonsai is a must in the Rocky Mountain Region. Start here. Thanks to Tom Anglewicz

Heat Protection for Bonsai: Learn simple measures to protect you bonsai from a late spring heat spell to keep them growing at their best. Thanks to Andy Berry

Bonsai Preparation for Formal Display: Useful tips from 2018 artist of the year Les Siroky on how to prepare your trees for exhibition

BCI Article on RMBS 49th Annual Exhibition: A landmark event! Write up by Tom Anglewicz

Ficus in Colorado: Have unique horticultural needs in the Rocky Mountain region

Bonsai Soil and Microbiota: Paul Koenning describes the nuances of bonsai soil micro culture

Accent Elements in Formal Display:  Larry Jackel describes some considerations for accent elements

Asymmetry, symmetry and Balance:  Mike Britten explores bonsai design concepts informed by nature

Pinyon Pine as Bonsai  New bonsai frontier. Thanks to Andy Berry, Tom Anglewicz and Mike Britten