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RMBS Heritage Tree Collection

Extraordinary bonsai created by RMBS members. These world-class trees have a special provenance and have been in training prior to the year 2000. 

Bob Kataoka and Kai Kawahara have exceptional bonsai on display at PBM "World War Bonsai: Remembrance and Resilience"

bob and kai.jpg

The Denver Botanic Garden's Sho-fu-En, Garden of the Pines and Wind, is a very special place to the Rocky Mountain Bonsai Society.  This two-acre Japanese garden...

Kai Kawahara Limer Heritage.jpeg

There are two Heritage trees having RMBS beginnings currently in the permanent collection of the Pacific Bonsai Museum and they both are Bob Kataoka bonsai. The museum...

Kataoka Juniper PBM Natives Heritage.jpe

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the popular "Beginning Bonsai" class at the Denver Botanic Gardens taught by RMBS's Larry Jackel and Hal Sasaki.

Joe Gutierrez Dougie Heritage.jpeg

RMBS Heritage Trees

Jan 2019

Our first salute to RMS members' heritage trees begins with Todd Schlafer's trees...

Hal Limber Heritage.jpg

The Denver Botanic Garden’s Sho-Fu-En Japanese gardens expanded in 2012 to include a Bonsai Pavilion and traditional tea house which were part of the original master plan...

Jim Robinson Pine  Herit.jpeg

"Bonsai has a beginning but no end" - John Naka. A bonsai is a living heirloom that can be passed down for generations.

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