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Bonsai Demonstrations

Rocky Mountain Bonsai Society 51st Anniversary Exhibition Bonsai Demonstrations

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European Olive (Olea) Bonsai

Bonsai expert Vince Le styles an amazing and ancient European Olive bonsai. This Olea was collected  13 years ago in California and is estimated to be 130-160 years old. Vince performs a dramatic deadwood transformation to simulate harsh conditions including lightning strike. He hopes this demo will inspire others to explore Olea as bonsai.

Rocky Mountain Juniper

Bob Kataoka "Thermopolis Juniper"

Bonsai professional Todd Schalfer and juniper bonsai expert Will Kerns style a historically significant juniper bonsai.  This tree was collected by RMBS' "first branch" Bob Kataoka who was instrumental in the success of the English-speaking "junior" club (RMBS today).  This massive juniper is estimated to be over 500 years old.

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