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Jul 09, 2020
In RMBS Forum
If you are looking to add a tree to your collection, i am looking to downsize. Lets talk. I have trees from beginner to advanced, all sizes, lots of species, nursery stock & yamadori. If you would like to discuss, please text me at 303-921-5860 or email
Jun 01, 2020
In RMBS Forum
Well its not nearly as concerning as whats going on in the world around us but somethign is attacking out Lodgepole. New grown emerged fine, buds opened and needles are about 1" long, and now the new growth is dying. I assumed it was a pathogen (several other pines have been hit already this year) and I treated once with Mancozeb a broad spectrum fungicide. Next year's buds are set and seem fine. Although sappy, they are still sharp. New needles appear to be dying from the inside out and only 20-60% on each branch tip are dead. they fall off easily leaving just the sheath, leaving what appear to be healthy new needles right beside the dead ones. any thoughts? I've had shoot tip larva before on ponderosa. perhaps this is early signs? in those instances the tree was fine and set buds behind the dead tips.
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