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That special one...

By RMBS member and 2014 Artist of the Year Mike Horine.

See additional pictures of this Buxus bonsai here.

Do you have a tree in your collection that is special, so special that you would keep that tree over all of the rest in the collection? Would you keep it over something like a world class yamadori tree? Would you keep it over a tree that cost you thousands of dollars? Would you keep it if it only cost you less then $10 dollars? I would and I do have one. Its a simple little Buxus – Boxwood in a small pot. But what a little tree it is. Its cute and now starting to get some more mature bark on it. Its full of little branches with beautiful dark green leaves of which some are turning orange for fall! I must admit accepting help on the first styling of this little magnificent Boxwood Bonsai tree. It turns out my mother who had Alzheimer’s helped me design this little tree in the 2013 timeframe. My mother actually attended the 2013 Rocky Mountain Bonsai Society show when I showed the tree. It was her first and only Bonsai show and she did enjoy herself. So here we are now over 7 years later and the little tree is still with me. Hopefully forever! I restyled this little tree a few weeks ago and I think it looks better then ever. It still needs some more work but I have the rest of my life to do this work. The only way this tree will leave me is when I am called home some day, but not today.

I hope you enjoy this little Buxus – Boxwood tree and maybe it will inspire you to create a Bonsai tree with someone special in your life! This tree will fit in the palm of your hand!

--Mike Horine October 2020

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