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Bonsai Evolutions

Magnificent bonsai from humble beginnings:

A behind-the-scenes look at the creation of these unique trees

PP2 DW.jpg

Ponderosa Pine Bonsai

RMBS Artist Dan Wiederreecht  presents a powerful form with with ponderosa pine. This composition represents the culmination of five years or care and input from four top American bonsai professionals.  Although it reminds us of the majestic bull elk prone to territorial aggression, this tree is born from collaboration, not competition.

Ficus McP.JPG

Golden Gate Ficus Bonsai

RMBS artist David McPeters demonstrates how well proportioned nursery stock can be transformed into graceful bonsai.  Tropical species such as this ficus grow well here in the Rocky Mountain region with proper care.

Englemann Spruce.jpg

Engelmann Spruce Bonsai

RMBS artist Adam Johnson has created a truly unique spruce bonsai.  Collected from the Rocky Mountains this bonsai is a perfect balance of graceful trunk line, compact foliage and intriguing deadwood.

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