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Jennifer Price

Bonsai Professional


Jennifer discovered Bonsai after retiring from the stage as a professional ballerina. She is struck by the line and form within Bonsai and the ability to use the tree’s natural flow of movement. She has studied with numerous artist such as Jim Doyle (who introduced her to the art of bonsai) as well as Mauro Stemberger, Will Baddeley and Ryan Neil.

Her ongoing apprenticeship continues to this day with mentor Walter Pall. She has taught workshops and given demonstrations throughout the United States and worldwide. While in Germany she was a part of Generation Bonsai and went on to represent America at two international bonsai conventions both in Shanghai, China.


When asked to describe her Bonsai philosophy, “Bonsai is first and foremost a way for me to express the grace and power of nature with its beauty, quiet elegance, and harshness. Creating a Bonsai forms a connection to a living entity, which you cannot truly control, but can listen to and learn from. She specializes in collected yamadori along with Broadleaf, deciduous. Jennifer also enjoys carving and working on the breath of material found throughout the country. When she is not traveling she often can be found talking a walk in the woods with her beloved Border Collie mix, Samantha.

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