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Viewing Stone Theory

This seminar will be taught by Paul Gilbert and Darrell Whitley and will cover all phases of viewing stone preparation and presentation.

Viewing Stone Roadshow

Bring your own viewing stone and enter into a discussion of its qualities with experts Paul Gilbert and Darrell Whitley.

Bonsai and Photography

Join the DBG’s resident expert Scott Dressel-Martin for an early morning photo shoot in the DBG Bonsai Pavilion. Instruction given to improve your camera skills will be featured. Bring your own camera and tripod. (Note: This class will start earlier in the morning than all other seminars.)

Bonsai and Light Gardening

Resident light expert Paul Koenning will present information about indoor light gardens for bonsai.

Socratic Seminar

Join Larry Jackel and Jim Doyle in the Bonsai Pavilion as we ask the question, “What do you see?” This seminar will discuss wide-ranging ideas about bonsai presented in the show.


Learn about stand construction from our local expert Dan Kingery. Dan will discuss and demonstrate construction techniques to create bonsai stands.

Stone Slab Construction

Linda Paul will teach you how to make custom slabs out of concrete and wire for your bonsai. Be prepared to get your hands dirty as you will create your own slab/pot. Quality gloves will be needed. (Material fee: $100.00)

Drawing bonsai

Learn the advantages of sketching your trees in advance of styling them from art educator Mary Carruthers. (Drawing material will be provided.)

Tropicals as Bonsai

Pete Parker will lead a presentation of tropical to consider as bonsai. Pete will present several tropical species not commonly seen in bonsai.

Show Preparation

Karen Harkaway will teach how to prepare a bonsai for show presentation. Techniques learned in Japan from their major shows will be presented.

Shohin Display

Mark Fields will present ways to optimize presenting Shohin bonsai in the formal show setting.

Women in Bonsai – Round Table Discussion with Kathy Shaner, Jennifer Price and Karen Harkaway

Moderators: Samantha Holm and Connie Garrett

The bonsai community in the United States has been male-dominated since bonsai was introduced to this country. This panel will discuss what it is like to be a bonsai artist who is also a woman (as hobbyists and professionals), how the experience of being a woman in the bonsai community has changed over time and what we can do to continue to improve things for women.