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May 02, 2022
In RMBS Forum
I just purchased a Northern Glow Maple (Korean/Japanese maple hybrid) for a landscape tree (though it may end up as a bonsai) and it needs some structural pruning. I am planning on doing multiple air layers this Spring (after the leaves harden) on the areas where there are 3-5 branches originating from the same places (leaving just 2 branches). Above this section the shoots extend for 3 feet with basically no branching. Instead of just clipping these back to create branching lower I would like to also collect material for propagation. What is the best method to use here? More air layers or take cuttings? Has anyone had success with propagating from hard wood cuttings? What was your method? (Should I take 6" cuttings this Spring, plant them in pumice and keep them inside with a humidity tent?)
Air layering vs. hard wood cuttings? content media


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