executive Board members


David McPeters

He finds working with plants teaches patience and grounds us in the change of seasons.  Explore many different things, but in the end do what gives joy.

Immediate Past President

Andrew Berry

A relative newcomer to bonsai, he continues to learn from the local masters at RMBS

Programs / Guest Artist Chair

Tom Anglewicz

Tom has a diverse collection of bonsai, including some he brought from California. His passion is to learn about and work with all varieties of pines.


Pat Deutschman

Pat brings joy and excitement to RMBS 2020.  She explores and archives RMBS history and our rich heritage.


Nicholas Box

Nicholas has come to bonsai through his love of natural forces and the mountains.  He loves everything about the art and those who practice it.


Wayne Berve

Wayne lives bonsai as a philosophy and serves as our RMBS cultural liaison. We appreciate Wayne's involvement in RMBS.

Member-at-Large / Technical

Evan Thomas

Evan has found his spirit working on bonsai with RMBS and helping us evolve into the post-pandemic 21st century!

Executive Board

RMBS 2021

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Vice President

Paul Koenning

A professional horticulturalist and arborist.  Studying tree structure and growth patterns informs Paul's bonsai design and continued learning

Show Chairman

Darrell Whitley

Globe-trotting collector of suiseki, and a highly accomplish bonsai artist.

Membership Chair

Connie Garrett

Connie loves the art bonsai and will continue to grow our membership and advance our community engagement


Normando Rodriguez

Working to master all species of bonsai and balance our books.

Member-at-Large / Education

Bob Randall

Bob is a respected collector of wild material and a long time RMBS supporter. He is focused on metorship and education.


Dan Wiederrecht

Dan is a world renown collector of yamadori and is a model for ethical and sustainable practice. His bonsai are world class.

Executive Board

RMBS 2021

Ask us how to get involved

Executive Board

RMBS 2021

Ask us how to get involved

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