Jennifer Price


Jennifer discovered Bonsai after retiring from the stage as a professional ballerina.  She is struck by the line and form within Bonsai and the ability to use the tree’s natural flow of movement.  She has studied with numerous artist such as Jim Doyle (who introduced her to the art of bonsai) as well as Mauro Stemberger, Will Baddeley and Ryan Neil....


Todd Schlafer


Todd's interest in bonsai began in 2002 which led him to Harold Sasaki, owner of Colorado Bonsai. Todd did everything from pulling weeds to eventually styling trees at the nursery. His obsession with collecting trees formed shortly thereafter, going with local conifer expert Jerry Morris on a collecting trip to Utah....


Kathy Shaner


Internationally known and recognized for her excellence in the art form, Shaner began bonsai in 1983 in California. After ten years of study, she obtained a 5 year apprenticeship with Sensei Yasuo Mitsuya, a highly regarded Master of Gendai (contemporary form) bonsai training. She is the first non-Japanese and the first woman certified by the professional bonsai grower’s branch of Nippon bonsai association.

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